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Caden with Mr. Dude and Lucky
An example of our foals, even the human one!

We, Craig and Jennifer, live in Utah and pasture our horses nearby our home.  Nestled in the Wasatch Mountains, CJ Foundation Quarter Horses is surrounded by beautiful landscape as well as gorgeous Quarter Horses with a few Paints thrown in for color.  We both have always had a passion for horses. Three years ago we bought our first horse together, 'Fancy', a grey grade filly, and were soon bitten by the bug of Reqistered Foundation Quarter Horses.  In time, when the books we both are writing publish and sell, we'll be buying land and building a ranch to call our own.  So far, it's just a dream.  But will someday soon be reality.
Jennifer says: Horses are no stranger to me.  From pony rides as a child, to having my own Thoroughbred gelding, Darby, in California, to summers spent riding in England, horses have been a constant in my life.  I'm what you might call a Horse Girl. While attending BYU in Provo, Utah, I was thrilled to take horseback riding classes along with my other studies in English, Communications, Spanish, and I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities in 1990.  I am now pleased and blessed to have horses as part of my everyday life again. (Thanks, Craig!)   
     Craig says: Horses have been in my life since I was a boy.  When I was seven and living on the family ranch in Cortez Colorado, my family bought a grade gelding orphan colt, a bay my dad named Johnny Peppercorn.   From being a part of the local county 4-H club as a child, to enjoying researching pedigrees and performance horse records of Quarter Horses and Paints, horses have remained a passion and a pastime for me
In Spring 2003 we purchased 1999 Palomino Foundation Quarter Horse Stallion JJ Kings Hank and are in the process of developing a small but successful breeding program.

Half sisters running in the field.

1999 AQHA/FQHR Palomino 
30% King P-234
30 crosses to King
Sire: Little Hanker Andy
Dam: Aint I Nifty
With bloodlines going back to such greats as Doc Bar, Poco Bueno,and King on top and bottom side,  Hank's blood will be a great addition to any breeding program.  For full pedigree, photos, and more information please see JJ Kings Hank's page.


Please click here to send us an email. Or call @ 801-602-2720