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JJ Kings Hank

JJ Kings Hank
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1999 Palomino Registered Foundation Quarter Horse Stallion
JJ Kings Hank
~He throws this kind eye and beautiful head on all his foals~
Hank is an amazing creature.  He is very down to earth, easy going, and great with the kids.  He is easy to breed, and acts like a gentleman.  Standing at 14.3hh (on a long hoof day), and weighing in at 1050 pounds, Hank is built like the old Foundation Quarter Horse for sure, short, stocky, and sweet as can be.  Jennifer can often be seen taking a bareback ride around the hills on Hank.  He was recently in the local town parade, where he again proved to be well mannered and very friendly.  Hank has great breeding with 30% King and 28 crosses to KingDoc Bar, Poco Bueno, and King are all in his pedigreeKing can be found on the top and bottom of his Foundation Quarter Horse papers.  He has nice big bone, a kind eye, nice hip, and a stellar disposition.  Hank will be an asset to your breeding program.  He is passing on many of his traits to his foals.  They are coming out well built, with nice muscle, straight legs, and they are very easy to work with.  You will be hard pressed to find a nicer all-around stallion for your mares.  Please contact Jennifer or Craig for more information on breeding one, or all of your mares to JJ Kings Hank.  Their e-mail address can be found at the bottom of all the webpages.  Thank you for considering JJ Kings Hank for the upcoming breeding season. 
Please access his training page to see what kind of training Hank has received. In the future, Hank may be promoted in shows, but for now, we enjoy his easy-going temperament and anybody can ride our calm, easy-to-handle stallion.

Click onto this link for information about Hank's disposition. 

Please click here to send us an email. Or call @ 801-602-2720