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CJ Foundation Quarter Horses

Our other websites, Huskies, and writing

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Our other websites, Huskies, and writing
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Whoopee!  We discovered how to do websites and we just went cuckoo! 
Please visit our other sites and pass the word.
Jen works as an editor and has a site to tell you more about that.  If you have a manuscript or poem or short story or memoir you'd like edited, contact Jen at: Lots more info at the site.
Jen also is an author plugging away at several novels.  Peruse her site and read some funny stories.
Personal computer system
Jen has also created a site just about her.  (You see what we mean about going a little nuts.  Okay, so it looks like Jen was the nutty one!)  This site is still being polished, but go ahead and check it out.
Craig began a website about Quarter Horse lovers and breeders who focus on the King P-234 line.  This site is still being polished, but check it out, and do send us info to add to this at: 


AKC Siberian Husky male Sunny

Siberian Huskies
We have fallen in love with Siberian Huskies Here is our website, now that we're up to FIVE huskies! We breed and sell pups and are proud to be 'backyard breeders' as this means to us that all our huskies are members of the family. (You should see when we all watch TV together.  It's wall-to-wall dogs.)

Please click here to send us an email. Or call @ 801-602-2720