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CJ Foundation Quarter Horses

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To all buyers and prospective buyers

We here at CJ Foundation Quarter Horses believe in our 'product'-- our horses.  We care for them, give them regular vet/health care, lots of good food, and love them all to pieces. We also have researched the particular bloodlines and individual horses we have and aim to supply healthy, well-bred horses for sale.
However, it is good business practice for you, the buyer or prospective buyer, to always do your own checking.  We encourage you to do a vet check before you take the horse away.  We will assist you in this as much as we can by recommending vets we've used and know, by being present when the vet comes to check the horse, and holding the horse for the vet while he/she is checking the horse. 
Please note: any vet check you want to get is at your cost, and is up to you to make arrangements for. 
We always believe our horses are healthy and sound, and since we do have regular vet care, this assumption is warranted.  But we do not sell our horses 'guaranteed' unless specifically stated, such as 'guaranteed in foal and preg checked on <date>.'
We would highly recommend you get horses vet checked in town before taking them off the property and transporting them to your own place. In fact, if you choose not to use local vets, even if your own vet finds problems with the horse, once it's left our property, it is caveat emptor (Latin for 'let the buyer beware'). In other words, once the horse leaves our property, and money has changed hands, the horse is yours, and the money stays ours. 
We are scrupulously honest about the horses we sell.  If we know of a problem, whether it's a health issue (which are rare, as we take good care of our horses and don't buy horses that are in ill health), or an attitude problem, such as, hard to load, or for an experienced rider only, we will tell you.  We have a good reputation to uphold, and have every intention of nurturing that sterling reputation.

Sometimes it's hard to come up with all the cash at once to pay for the horse you're buying from us.  We're cool with that.  We've left deposits on horses before to give us time to get the money together, or make the necessary arrangements for the horse(s) we are purchasing.  But recognize that when you give us a deposit (and usually we don't want more than $100.00) we take the horse off the market, and any other potential buyers are turned away.  If something happens and you can't get those ducks in a row to buy the horse as you've hoped, we sympathize with you, because we had already approved you as a buyer for one of our animals, and we are a little picky.  However, any deposit money (and money given to us to board/feed/care for the horse while you're making arrangements, if this has transpired) is non-refundable.  Let's put that in all caps, on a separate line, and bolded so we're clear--
Thanks for your understanding about this.


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One Full Day
AFTER you have gotten a vet check from a local vet and the horse is pronounced healthy and sound, and you take the horse away, if you find that you just can't handle the horse, we'll take it back.  We will NOT do this for health issues, since we encourage you to get the vet check before you take the horse away. However, if the horse is too much for you, doesn't get along with your other horses, or has some other issue that makes you think you just can't deal with it, we'll take it back.  We want you to be happy with your purchase, and we want the horse to be happy, safe, and well-loved.
We honor this for 24 hours after purchase.

Please click here to send us an email. Or call @ 801-602-2720